I recently came across a white paper from Knowledgestorm published by Mr. Edward R. Flaherty, CEO of TrenStar, Inc. regarding -finding the ROI in your asset tracking initiatives. Flaherty contends that it is people, process and technology as the balance in the implementation of an asset tracking solution. This caught my attention as we have stated in our literature that Centennial has the people, process and technology to provide customers cost effective inventory services.
Mr. Flaherty states that best practices and proven processes combined with technology are the keys to developing successful and sustainable asset tracking and management programs. He continues with “but the real value of a well designed tracking solution is the information it brings to your organization. To truly optimize your investment, you need to be able to capture and analyze the data over a period of time and then be willing to commit to modifying your business processes when the data tells you that there’s a more cost effective or efficient way to operate.
Selecting Centennial Associates, Inc. as a business partner will speed implementation of your asset management solution by providing data collection services to populate your database with accurate information. Leveraging that information will quickly enable the management team to take action where opportunities for business process improvements are identified and shorten the path to generating a return on investment.
In short, it’s the synergy created when you bring together the right people, processes and technology for your particular initiative that will help ensure your success. That’s the first step in getting a measurable ROI.