Facility managers optimize the data they gather by integrating the information systems that manage it.


Building operations and maintenance management systems monitor and report problems by location as well as track and regulate the operation of building mechanical equipment according to predetermined criteria. This type of system can also help establish and track work orders for corrective and preventive maintenance for the equipment, the facilities, and the architectural elements within buildings. Custodial and grounds maintenance work is also included.

Maintenance systems focus on repetitive tasks such as replacing filters on a regular basis. These systems are designed to track items such as:

  • condition of equipment;
  • cycles for repetitive work (daily or weekly);
  • the number and types of equipment and how they are scheduled for maintenance;
  • staff, including scheduling and skills;
  • reports; and
  • spare and replacement parts, including what parts must accompany routine maintenance tasks.

Building operations maintenance management systems are generally time intensive to set up. Therefore, many departments subcontract the initial input, then run the system themselves; others subcontract the entire process, performing only the maintenance tasks.

Reprint from June 2011 issue of Today’s Facility Manager.

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