Facility managers optimize the data they gather by integrating the information systems that manage it.


Furniture and equipment (F&E) systems store electronic furniture symbol libraries with attributes such as size, finish, cost, and item number that enable fms to select and place symbols on plans, generate an inventory take off, and even purchase orders.

If the F&E system is tied to an inventory/asset management system, the fm can determine whether the warehouse currently stocks all the components needed for an upcoming project, for example. Once furniture is installed, it may need to be tracked. Tracking can be useful when developing inventory lists for movers or designers or when determining what is missing from one year to the next. A bar code or some other identifier with a unique code is often attached to each piece of furniture (or equipment).

Using bar codes can improve efficiency by tracking pieces or even parts of equipment. This practice also provides a maintenance record history if a date attribute is attached to each asset and the records are tracked and sorted in a database.

Reprint from June 2011 issue of Today’s Facility Manager.

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