I had hired someone in the past to help me blog on our website as I have little understanding of the process and benefits that perhaps can be derived. My thought was to have this person write and publish on a regular schedule but as you can see from our frequency it happened for a short period of time.

It was my intent to have this individual research for valuable information to share with those who happened to come to our website, find information that would be of value to them and make their work life easier. This person was not from a facilities background so I found myself providing most of the information that was published. Where did I find my information? Mostly from facility blogs published in facility related magazines. I did acknowledge my sources so not to infringe on any copyrights.

Today is an effort on my part to develop my knowledge base on how to blog, what to blog about that those in our field would find interesting and helpful. My background stems from being a facility manager for a then large company here in Western New York, to retiree, to entrepreneur developing a small business providing quality facility services to corporations with special projects that corporate staff did not have time. Out of this service has developed a rather unique service niche, barcode asset inventories.  We have inventoried all types of corporate, school and maintenance assets supporting office relocation projects through building databases for CMMS.

With that knowledge, how can I help more businesses achieve success with managing their valued assets? Sharing what I have learned about facilities management and asset management through experience, is this of any interest to anyone? What are some facility related topics that may interest you? Let’s discuss.