Not a day goes by where I admit that I don’t know something. It may have to do with marketing, web design or some other area of needed expertise. In such cases, I know where to purchase the experience and often do.

When it comes to the bar code asset inventory services that is something I know about. I have been involved in providing this service since 1995 for customers large and small. Each customer has their own idea what is a valued asset, for some its furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) that makes their company a success. Others it may be an asset 20’ wide and 80’ long that makes something, manufacturing equipment. Usually for accounting purposes there is a threshold value of an asset. It maybe one hundred dollars or in some cases any asset greater than two thousand five hundred dollars in value.

In schools, it maybe all the class room, office furniture & equipment from which valuable information is gathered for planned replacement programs.  IT assets are tagged and inventoried to minimize theft and track maintenance and warranty data. Maintainable assets should be set up in some type of maintenance management program.  Other companies may just want to know what they own, where equipment is and is it available for use, reducing needless new purchases. Cost avoidance is an opportunity for Hugh savings.

For whatever your reason for considering an inventory, give additional consideration as to how to get done quickly and accurately.  Many inventory programs fail because of the required man hours to compile data into a working format that is usable. That’s where our company, Centennial Associates, Inc., comes in to help. We have the knowledge, expertise, processes, equipment and trained personnel to make you project a success.

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