Looking back to 1995 when Centennial Associates, Inc. first was introduced to Bar|Scan® Bar Code Asset Management software system and bar code asset inventories, it’s interesting to see how much our business plan changed regarding project staffing.


In the beginning, projects for this service were not numerous and were scattered between our consulting business projects and our business relocation projects. This meant for each new bar code inventory project we would hire new staff each time and in whatever city the project was located. I had the opportunity to hire and train many inventory specialists in our inventory process in each location, needless to say, with varying levels of success, some great, some less than great.


I’m proud to say though, each project was successfully completed. There was a lot for me as the project manager to overcome to assure the success of each. As a manager, you encounter different personnel and other problems, as you go, you learn from each experience.


Today, we have a staff of competent well trained inventory specialists to draw upon for our projects. Some have been with us nearly 10 years and have experience in a wide range of types of inventories required by our customers. In fact, we’re at the point where I may not have to go out on a project, unless I want to, and be confident the project will be completed on time, within budget and provide accurate data for the customer.


Does this sound like the type of project team that you would like to have work with your internal team to conduct your company’s asset inventories whether for Relocation Planning, Accounting, CMMS programs or developing a surplus management program? Please call 585-671-0544 for a free consultation.


Norm Mistal, President