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Customer Service, an important aspect of any business


Customer Service, an important aspect of any business, whether you are facility manager for a large corporation or an entrepreneur providing a service to a customer, how well you respond to a request or need, determines your level of success.


Yes, there may be times that you’re finding yourself bending over backwards to satisfy the customers request but when completed, the feeling of accomplishment overcomes the difficulty that you had to go through and everything becomes worthwhile. You have grown in stature and now are the “go to” guy or gal, the one who gets things done. If you’re working for a corporation, it is job security or as an entrepreneur it is a satisfied customer, repeat business and job security.


Centennial Associates, Inc is a company committed to providing service above the customer’s level of expectation to build customer satisfaction and develop healthy long term relationships. If by chance a mistake is made, we admit and correct quickly. When your company is considering a fixed, capital or maintainable asset inventory, call 585-671-0544 for a free consultation. Let us exceed your expectations.

The Value of an Experienced Team


I’d like to expand on my last post on the Centennial Associates, Inc, “Looking Back”. The post talked about the value of experience when it comes to any project. With regard to Centennial’s unique service, bar code inventory services, our experienced team is like a well oiled machine. When we arrive on the first day, the team gathers in a pre-determined work area, reviews the scope of the project and acquaint themselves with the facility and facility drawings. Responsibilities are divided among the teams and off they go.


The synergies of our teams make and share improvements as they go. We always are looking for ways to do our job better to produce the highest quality product for our customer. Many improvements to our process have been implemented as a result. Every person on the team is self-directed and enjoys what they do. There is a sense of accomplishment as each project is completed.


One of the major changes brought about by team “brainstorming” a problem, was the digitization of a major customers “equipment catalog” that over the years had grown to more than 4,000 items. For this customer, the teams work with net book computers containing the catalog and has resulted in the reduction of man-hours and eliminated long days to complete on schedule.


Consider this experienced team when considering a fixed or capital asset inventory for your company. We help companies “get their ducks in a row”. Call 585-671-0544 for a free consultation and quote.


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