As with any asset management solution, the decision must be made between on-site asset management or choosing a provider to do it for you.  Since hosted asset management software is installed and administered by a third-party provider, the burden on internal teams is minimized, rollout is accelerated, and large upfront costs are virtually eliminated. Using a new asset management system is a big decision and there are several things you need to consider when making the decision to do something new.

  • how long will it take my staff to set up and use the new system?
  • will it be maintained correctly?
  • does my staff have enough time to devote to maintaining this system?
  • will i be able to read the reports when I need to?

Benefits of having Centennial Associates implement and maintain your asset management software are:

  • the burden on internal teams is minimized
  • you staff doesn’t need to be trained, reducing the cost of implementation
  • quicker roll-out
  • professionally maintained
  • Centennial Associates has very high integrity and is quick to remedy problems with your new system.

For further information, please call 585-671-0544. “Let us help keep your ducks in a row”, not just our tagline, it’s what we do.