“Helping others get their ducks in a row” it’s not just our tag line, it’s what we do. Using barcode technology, we locate, identify, tag and collect data on your valuable assets for asset and/or maintenance management. Whether your company or organization is large or small, there is cost savings in knowing what assets you own and where equipment is located. How many times have you purchased something only later find that there are spares recently discovered? Those are the dollars that can be saved through cost avoidance. Savings of millions dollars have been experienced in the first year from some case histories where baseline inventories discovered hidden assets then used to support procurement practices. Why buy something you already have but just not aware.

Since 1995, Centennial Associates, Inc. has provided inventory services and related asset management software and hardware to help companies big and small reduce expenses by as much as 10-20% annually. Our solution is a strategy that views asset management as a process not just a collection of hardware and software. Our inventory services support company asset management programs from implementation to updating information in existing programs. Let us help with your “ducks”, call 585-671-0544 today for a consultation and set up a pilot program to see what we can do for you.