So your boss just told you he wants you to conduct an inventory of all equipment assets in your company valued at $250.00 and greater. He continues, let’s identify each item so that the next time this needs to be done, will be faster and easier. He says that he has seen good equipment sitting around, then out of nowhere a delivery shows up with new. What’s the story with that?  You’re not a big company but you are not small either and you’re all alone. What the heck am I to do, you think to yourself.  You have inventoried some supplies but that’s it, so much for experience with all this other equipment. With a few hundred employees there could be thousands of items; this is going to take forever. Think!

What’s your next step? The internet, there must be someone out there that does this, right? Gosh, what may be the key words or tags to look up under? Inventory? Too broad, how about equipment inventory, that might be too broad also. Let’s see, the boss wants to inventory and tag all the items. Tag with what? Barcodes!!!! OK, let’s look up barcode asset management inventory services, which should do it. No, let’s see if anybody does this in New York State. There that will do it; barcode asset management inventory services, New York State.

Let’s see what we come up with, you enter  in exactly what you are looking for and behold its right there, centennial, New York premier provider of accurate, cost effective bar code asset management inventory services covering all of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States. Check them out, looks like a solution for the situation, could be problem solved. Make a phone call for an appointment for a consultation 585-671-0544.