Everyone supports being “green” today and exert much effort to assure that corporate policies reflect decisions to that effect. We have green products, green buildings, green parking areas designed to control runoff and create landscapes of wildflowers unto a beauty of their own. And so on.
One area often overlooked is a company’s large amounts of inventory of unused and underutilized assets. Steps need to be taken to determine what assets can be refurbished, repaired, replaced or recycled. It takes a hand’s on approach to accomplish, someone has to get in there and make those decisions. Much of what is found could be considered “junk” and disposed of in a green manner. Working with a recycler in your area you may be able to actually return dollars to the bottom line for metal. In one case, we negotiated a price with a recycler for mixed scrape and returned better than $6,000.00 to our customer.
Generally found are a number of good usable assets truly no longer needed by the company, these assets are available for sale and generate additional income. Perhaps consider a charitable contribution to an organization for a tax write off. Many of the assets you may want to redistribute internally, there you have the greatest corporate savings opportunity through cost avoidance. Why buy new when you already own. The first year savings produced can be as little as 10% to as high as 30% of the annual expense and capital costs budgets.
To accomplish for your company, a process is available through Centennial Associates, Inc. to manage such a project. A few minutes of your time is required to review what we do to “help get your ducks in a row”. For a free consultation call 585-671-0544.