It has been a number of years since I have had the responsibility for a building, it’s Divisions, Departments and people within as a facility manager. After leaving the Big Yellow Box, my career went in a little different direction as someone to assist fellow FM’s with various projects when their workload became overwhelming. I have had the pleasure of coordinating a number of office moves from the design/space planning, through the build out and the physical relocation. I have been fortunate to bring together strong teams of resources required for each project; this has always resulted in the positive completion of our projects.

I recently read an article on performance management and remembered how important that it has been to the success of every project. Performance management has always been important to me as a way to say thank you for your help making the project a success from the tradesmen, the vendors to the janitorial services putting the sparkle on the finished product.

I recall, in one particular project, with the big yellow box, the renovation of the restrooms in a 1930’s constructed building. Upon completion, I held a luncheon grand opening completed with buffet and champagne (non-alcohol of course) for everyone in the building, upper management on down. During the formalpresentation acknowledged everyone connected with the successful completion. I wore my black suit and black tie that day. Everyone had fun touring the facilities, a free lunch, even management enjoyed. It was a good use of a lunch hour to say thanks for a great job.

This spirit has carried with me to this day, after most all Centennial’s inventory projects there is a celebration of some sort whether it be a nice dinner out or a celebration in a hotel room with the team. People like to know they and their efforts are appreciated. What’s a simple thank you and the words, good job cost?