Sometime back I wrote about the value of experience when it comes to projects of any nature. My company, Centennial Associates, Inc. offers a rather unique service, bar code inventory services as well as the software and hardware required on the part of a customer. Over the years our experienced team has become an oiled machine. When we arrive on a new project, the team gathers in a pre-determined work space, we review the scope of the project, acquaint ourselves with the facility and facility drawings. Responsibilities are divided amongst the team members before they set out to begin an inventory, always with a predetermined plan. The BarIScan® process Centennial uses is a well designed program in the methods of data collection for all types of company assets.

It is our goal to always look for ways to improve on the process as required for the customers benefit. This assures us that we produce the highest quality data for our customers’ database. Many improvements to our process have been discussed and implemented as a result. Team members are self-directed and enjoy what they do. There is a sense of accomplishment as each project is completed.

One of the major changes brought about by team “brainstorming” was the digitizing of a major customers “equipment catalog” that over the years had grown to more than 4,000 items. For this customer, the team now works with netbook computers containing the catalog and has resulted in the reduction of man-hours and eliminated long work days to complete the tagging project in each of their store locations on schedule.

Consider this experienced team when thinking about a fixed or capital asset inventory for your company. We help companies “get their ducks in a row”, it’s just not our tag line it’s what we do. Call 585-671-0544 for a free consultation and quote.