Inventory Services

Asset management succeeds or fails with the quality of the data captured during the initial inventory. The creation of the initial database is probably the most important service a customer needs to evaluate. The customers ability to effectively manage assets rests on the accuracy of this information. Centennial has a through knowledge of the asset management business and employs well trained staff to coordinate and perform inventory services for our customers.

Centennial Inventory Services

For customers that require an inventory to integrate data to an existing system, we can provide inventory services and export your information in the format required for your particular program. Call 1.585.671.0544 today for a quote on your inventory project. “Helping others get their ducks in a row” not just our tag line it’s what we do.

Centennial has conducted a number of inventory programs covering a variety of assets types.

Our projects have included a program to inventory the systems furniture in a 350,000 sq. ft office space to support the relocation of a 1000 person engineering staff into re-configured space within a large manufacturing company. With the data Centennial collected, the design team was able to determine which assets to recycle for use in the new layout thereby reducing the total amount of new systems furniture to purchase. The resultant savings was in the tens of thousands of dollars.

For another customer, we inventoried a 196-unit student-housing complex adjacent to a State University of NY (SUNY) campus. We developed an apartment-by-apartment report of the existing furniture in each apartment. With the information the owner was better able to control damaged or lost items making the tenant responsible for each loss.

Other programs include the inventory of over a million and ½ sq. ft of manufacturing and research facilities locating and tagging the capital assets for an automotive systems manufacturer, an inventory for a large healthcare system to support their relocation to a new facility.

Centennial Associates, Inc. also inventoried all computer and operations equipment for a NYC area District Attorney’s office to develop the baseline inventory for their law enforcement inventory program. Other baseline inventories completed were for a 56 building school district where we inventoried all classroom and office furniture. We also successfully inventoried a multi-location Head Start program.

Centennial is currently engaged in the development of a database to support a food retailers’ computer maintenance management system. (CMMS). We are bar code tagging all the maintainable assets in each store location identifying equipment type, location, manufacturer, model and serial numbers.

Our inventory services are normally billed on a per piece basis. Actual fees may vary according to the level of detail required, logistics, handling and the amount of information collected. Call 1.585.671.0544 today for a quote on your inventory project.

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